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Journal of Scathain,
I have compiled current lore and information regarding the Distillery Dew that Darvvin referred to in our previous correspondence. I ask that my fellow clansmen voluteer for this quest and bring these items to Darvvin as soon as possible.

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Lost Distillery (from the tome of Maggie the Jack Cat)
When you bring him a Recommendation Letter from either Ercel or Beltslora, Lord Aleval will give a key to the Lost Distillery where you can recover some Nectar and then some of the coveted Distillery Ambrosia, locked away deep in the cellars. Return these tasty beverages for a reward! Lord Aleval is also Lytelthorpe's Society Agent for the Exploration Society Letter Quests.

Lord Aleval says he'd go himself if he could. But it's probably a good thing he's too high a level to enter the Distillery. If you watch him for a while, you'll see that he pretty much hangs out on the top of that tower, drinking Nectar and Ambrosia all day! ;) The Lost Distillery (0.7S, 51.2E) is restricted to Levels 1-20. You can buy directions from Glyfoma the Scribe in town for 8 pyreal.

When you enter you'll have the choice of two passageways. The left passage leads down to room with several Gnawer Shreths, then around the corner is a chest guarded by a few drudges. Although that has some nice newbie loot, it's not the chest you're looking for. Instead, take the right passage down, fighting the occasional drudge, until you reach a wooden door. This door opens into a large room with huge wooden pillars. The nectar is in a chest guarded by a Drudge Prowler over by a table to the left. 

Bring the Nectar to Lord Aleval for 200 Pyreal and 2 Potions of Healing. He'll then tell you you can use the key he gave you to retrieve some Ambrosia from the lower levels of the distillery.

To get to the cellars, return to the room which had the Nectar Chest. Head to the far back wall, and you'll find the locked door. Use the Key From Aleval to open the door, then head down to the lower levels. You'll be fighting Gnawer Shreths and low level drudges. A note outside the door reads: "This door locked by order of Lord Aleval of Lytelthorpe."

When you get to the lowest level, you'll see a few sets of doors against the far wall. The room holding the Distillery Ambrosia is through the door to the far right. Inside, a Drudge Prowler guards the chest. Again you'll receive 200 pyreals and 2 Potions of Healing and 500 exp. as rewards!

Distillery Dew
A bottle of Distillery Dew can be found in a chest in the Floating City. This, also, can be given to Lord Aleval for a reward!

You give Lord Aleval Distillery Dew.
Lord Aleval tells you, "Ah, a wonderful find -- the most useful and finest drink I have ever tasted! Here is something for you, thank you!"
Lord Aleval gives you 200 Pyreals. Lord Aleval gives you 2 Potions of Healing. 
You've earned 500 experience.



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