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-Stranger Among Us
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Lord Cerebus, I, Scathain, have investigated the recent attack on Emily. by a member of the Runeguard. You are familiar with the occurrences that have led up to this, so I won't waste time repeating them in detail. Suffice to say, after interrogating Khas Volun, I do believe he was a victim of malevolent forces.. As you have no doubt heard, he is an unusual man . he appears to be altered or should I say created, by Virindi.

I slowly and methodically asked him each detail he recalled from his attack on the Lady Emily. He said that he felt almost like a puppet as he approached Emily and Armand in the cafe. He could see what was going on but couldn't discern or understand how to reach back and gain control of his actions. He felt Virindi forces using him, bending him to thier will. He doesn't recall exactly what he said, interestingly enough. Though he could recall what occurred up to the point of Emily leaving the building. After what has happened in our own ranks, Lord Darvvin's horrifying stint in the dark virindi's control. His sincerity rang true. He believes that his humanity or soul is what he fought the great Virindi possession off, he said he saw into it and no longer poses a threat. In the end he became so intense with frustration and sadness at what he had done, he claimed he would gladly pay for his crimes in his blood.

His voice was tight and tense when he spoke of such a gut wrenching yearning he had from being, well in many ways a monster in my opinion. He was so earnest about his desire to be more, to no longer look in the mirror and see something alien in his eyes..something unlike his fellow clansman. My objectivity is weakened by my compassion, no doubt. This is what I have found Lord Cerebus, I investigated the scene, spoke with others and Khas himself. There is no physical evidence to support his story, just Darvvin's experience and my personal judgment of him.Lord Cerebus, I ask you to pay close attention to one more detail.Khas felt his body ascend toward the Virindi forces or essence or whatever it is. Singularity..yes that is it. He felt this at the door. But as Emily knows he continued on attack Emily, and according to her his statements seemed emotion filled, hateful and with a purpose.

I have killed many Virindi, while not always without emotion completely. The tone Emily spoke of doesn't fit with my experience and it doesn't make sense with the kind almost complete lack or disassociation of emotion Lady Miette had seen in our own Darvvin's eyes when he attacked her. And, we know the Virindi Death Squads are out and attacking the warriors of dereth, but yet to my knowledge don't make there attacks this personal. I have spoken to a stranger I met in the direlands, his name is Momrath. A very odd old man, at best. I have asked him about what marks people to these squads he was uninterested. Although when I told him of Emily he became more forthcoming and inquired from me our headquarter locations so that he may wish to investigate her himself. This should be noted for further interest to our clan. Should other occurrences arise and we do see him, I am not certain what his intentions are, or if he is trustworthy. He may have answers about this attack, he seems unusually wise, if not exceedingly cryptic.