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In the Land of Dereth, on the Planet Aubereen, in the reality of Asheron's Call an eternal winter is coming. A growing race of immigrants, named Isparian, are on the edge of genocide. A force of incredible power and evil seeks to destroy everything and twists the very essence of life around it to achieve its means. There is a war of souls and magic brewing deep beneath the surface of the world.

Strange new beasts are growing in the pitch of the darkest caves and the other-races, groups of Tumeroks, creatures craving the blood of the young and great masked energy beings rampage the hills, all with new directives that they believe to be there own. A sinister organization and structure lies beneath these new dangers and all Isparian and monster alike, are often but unknowing pawns. Powerful leaders are being singled out for assasination as well, at the hands of there own, they are in great danger from without and within.

There is one clan, the Paladin's of Fate, they have become a special focus of this malevolence. Mages and warriors alike will face their own darkest hearts, before it is done with them. A clan of honor is being attacked, deeply and swiftly, as if with a desperate urgency by this blackening wind. But hope exists in this land on the verge of an everlasting night, of freezing cold. There are other powers that have been awakened by the changes, benevolent to an extent, but without directive or hands. But what is there true goal? Are these "old ones" the answer the Paladins of Fate shall soon seek.Join us on the WintersEbb server for online RolePlaying and Quests as the mystery and drama unfolds from the inspiring romance to bloodiest terrors.Fires of Fate is an interactive novel that is role played by all those wonderful clanmates of mine, the Paladins of Fate!