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-Stranger Among Us
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Journal Entry-Scathain

It would seem our troubles have just begun. Tonight when I got back from my trainings in the Black Spawn Den, I found my lord Cerebus sitting quietly at the lifestone
He seemed fine. Miette was about her normal tasks of healing, and using her creature magics to enhance her fellow warriors abilities. I began to infuse her with stamina, as we went about our magical duties Cerebus eyes began to tighten his looks changed. His features twisted and he started to cry out " mages, no more spellcasting". He ran off to the mage shop, which such haste we all could not keep up. As we gathered, we saw that Cerebus had climbed high up to the highest edge of the building. His ranting continued till he fell down in the cortyard and lie still. Miette was in tears, she sat beside him and wove her magics of healing to try to help her beloved. To all of our relief he came to, but recalled non of what had happened.

Just then a stranger appeared.(see Stranger Among Us). Cerebus viewed him suspiciously, as well did Tobias. I slowly recognized him as the man that I had spoken with in Wei Jou about Khas Volun and Emily. His name was Momrath, he spoke in riddles but a few things became clear. He said he was Falatacot, an ancient race, the most ancient of Aubereen. Although he appeared to be Gharu. I haven't heard of them but Darvvin, our lore master, quickly explained to us
The stranger inspected us all very closely, he seemed to glare and examine the women most closely. I wonder why, could he have been looking for Emily. When I had met him in the desert, so briefly and he inquired about our plight. He had specific interest in Emily. As the clan grew more and more suspicious he spoke less and less. Darkness and Cold.. a great winter he mumbled. I heard him hiss out that we had no idea of what we were facing, and that we were but children. His demeanor changed slightly at the end when Darvvin began to speak of "the old ones". " there was hope" was the last whisper I heard from his lips as he vanished.

Darvvin seemed very affected by this meeting, he seemed to go into a trance at firs.. his eyes glowed purplish then red .. he spoke in Virindi monotone..then stopped abruptly.. he fell to his knees. Dazed he grabbed his blade and sliced at his arms. As the blood flowed he fell back and his eyes closed. Mordant and others gathered round and pleaded with him to stop, healing him as best they could. Darvvin rejoined us after a few minutes, his eyes open grogelly.

He said he saw a planet, Ispar, overrun with Virinidi, one in between and... I am not certain it seemed so fast to me. He explained he had been seeking the Falatacot visions. It was said that the Falatacot used blood in there rituals, drank and flowing, to aid in there sites of the future. Since Darvvin was not Isparian, he was otherworldly, um Britannian I think. He felt it might work. Although, the chances were slim. The most powerful Falatacot were female, and this was most used by them. Poor Darvvin seemed worse for wear due to the experience. The evening was quite tiring and I have had little sleep the last few days.