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Journal Entry-Scathain

Tonight I came into the center of my quiet and peacefull home to find a dead body out in the yard of the mage shop! There was a crowd of my clan mates around, all aghast and discussing what had happened. It appeared to be an attack of some sort. Lorien had been doing her shopping and was leaving the building when a man by the name of Raj Aeten came up behind her with a Takuba. I saw it in his had as he lay dead on the ground. I am not sure who dispatched him. Tobias said he made some comment about Lady Gwen being "doomed". Then Chen said something about a "master". Tobias jested about this matter..but he looked pretty angry when I walked up! .. Lorien was shaken, She looked a lil pale to me.. but I don't know.. Could it have been a Virindi Master he referred to? I know there have been recent attacks from People controlled by Virindi, but I thought the scickle had something to do with that.

This bodes poorly, I always thought that my home was safe. I wonder if I that stranger I met in the desert will show up to speak with Cerebus soon, he gave me the creeps, but he seemed wise if not mysterious.